A small town girl from Georgia, I was born and raised in the one-light town of Social Circle (yes, it is a real place) and raised in a community that loves to tell stories. You could say those good ol' Southern tall tales are where my passion stems from, where I learned to spin words like magic from a old well.

In high school, I started writing my first novel, a high fantasy story about a war between the light and the dark and two sisters caught in the middle of it. I struggled, for eight years, to get the story right-- to find the conflict, to create more than just two-dimensional stock characters. During my time in college, I studied the way stories are told, researching what makes a good story. I discovered that the missing pieces of my story were right in front of me all along. 

The world is filled with stories. Mankind naturally tells them. It's as easy as breathing to us. As listeners of stories, we expect certain events to take place, certain qualities to be in the characters that make us relate to them. While each story is uniquely different, they all are innately the same because they present the receiver of the story with the same information. This is where my mission comes in. As I implement this discovery into my own story, I want to share this wonderful process with my fellow writers and storytellers, with YOU! Because when you become a writer, you join a community, a social circle if you will.

Now I know what you are thinking...


Why a nerdy giraffe?

Well like I said before, I am an big nerd. When I was in fifth grade, I read the entire The Lord of the Rings trilogy. As an English major, my favorite book to analyze and dissect the hell out of is Moby Dick, and in another life, I am traveling the universe with the Doctor in his Tardis. Enveloping myself in stories, drinking tea, geeking out about anime with my boyfriend, and snuggling with my cats, Penny and Link, make up my comfort zone.


As for the giraffe, I have always admired the grace of that beautiful creature. It reminds me to stand tall in the face of adversity, which I believe is the reason we turn to stories to in the first place, to help us makes sense of the world we live in. Thus,The Nerdy Giraffe is a place for tall tales and seamless stories. This site is here to inspire you as a writer, guide you on your creative process, and encourage you to embrace your nerdy side.

Check out my portfolio for some examples of my professional and creative writing.

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